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Warm Congratulations to Shandong China Coal Group Being Alibaba


Through comprehensive evaluation and certification of international third party recognized certificate authority, Shandong China Coal Group passed Alibaba Assessed Supplier authentication service and became the key recommendation Alibaba Assessed Supplier.Alibaba issued a certificate to Shandong China coal group. It shows that Group ''s great progress on the brand construction path and improve a global enterprise image.This certification has great significance for our Group to expand the global business .
Alibaba Assessed Supplier is a kind of comprehensive extension services launched by Alibaba according to buyers purchasing habits, designed to help enterprises quickly win the trust of buyers and promote trade. This service, through the international third-party authoritative certification body, evaluates and certifies the critical information for the enterprise, including business capacity assessment report, the main products certification and audits video. The certified experts visited China Coal several times.They inspected and shooted many aspects of China Coal Group such as qualification and honors, patents, trademarks, financial statements, human resources management, foreign trade export capacity, R & D management capabilities, production capacity, quality control capacity, process management, product production, the enterprise development planning and so on.After the strict examination, experts all agreed that China Coal Group provides comprehensive information and has advanced technology ,and products are reliable . China Coal Group met all alibaba strict standards and set an example to all enterprises applying for certification.
Group based in the whole world with globalization development strategy and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification,SGS international authoritative certification,ANAB quality management system certification, the German TUV certification, the United Kingdom UKAS quality management system certification, EU CE product safety certification and other international authoritative certification.Being Alibaba Assessed Supplier shows the comprehensive strength of Shandong China Coal Group and it also is a strong evidence of high quality products and perfect service. Meanwhile,it will contribute to expand overseas markets.