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Warmly Congratulate Shandong China Coal Group be Selected As Standing Director Unit of Shandong E-commerce Platform Alliance


Recently, the E-commerce service alliance and key E-commerce Platform Alliance founding meeting was held in Jinan,at the meeting, with outstanding achievements in the construction of E-Commerce business platform, Shandong Coal Group was successfully elected as Standing director unit of Shandong E-commerce Platform Alliance.
Dong Xinjian, the chairman of Shandong E-Commerce Association said that with purpose of "Professional perspective and united,Professional experience mutual assistance,Professional spirit regulate,Professional discussion"the Shandong Key E-commerce Platform Alliance will promote mutual assistance in the industry, establish credit system of E-Commerce industry, health E-Commerce industry chain formation, and prevent E-commerce and Internet banking system risk, promote the rapid transformation of the economy of Shandong Province, the sustainable growth of E-commerce industry, better promote the province''s traditional enterprise successful transformation, accelerate the rapid development of the Internet industry in the province.
In recent years, Shandong China Coal Group positive response national policy, bold innovation, successful transition from traditional sales model into modern E-commerce marketing model,through the E-commerce business information industry successful boost traditional enterprise transformation,is the leader of enterprise information construction in Shandong province,has been highly valued by the state and provincial leaders.
The Shandong China Coal Group be selected Standing director unit of Shandong E-commerce Platform Alliance is high affirmation and great encouragement on the development of our Group, the next step we must do better, and actively fulfill their duties of executive director of the unit, positivly share the success E-commerce experience to everyone, play a leading role in the spirit of innovation and model, and strive to make more contributions to promote the rapid development of the province''s E-commerce!
In 2016, we will continue to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to "to be responsible for the country, to be responsible for the society, to be responsible for the customer, to be responsible for employees", and to improve the production capacity, Sci-tech research capacity and import and export trade capacity, to achieve better and faster development of China Coal Group on the basis of the existing, to make more contribution to the development of the national economy!