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China Coal Group Successfully Held the 2nd Term of Cross-Border E-commerce Training Sessions


May 7th, China Coal Group held the first cross-border e-commerce training sessions. Get warmly welcome and positive response of the city''s cross-border business, cross-border e-commerce practitioners and college graduates. Under the strong demand of the majority of students, on the afternoon of May 13th, Shandong China Coal Group successfully held second cross-border e-commerce training sessions. Specially invited Ta-partner elite lecturer group manager Zheng Yan, and the Ta-partner''s expert teacher Yang to teach the sessions, more than 30 foreign trade enterprises managers, cross-border e-commerce practitioners and college graduates of Jning city to participate in the training.
The theme of this session is the subject of cross-border e-commerce Alibaba P4P. During the class, the teacher Yang explained Alibaba P4P rules, function , basic operation and effect analysis, the whole class is rich in content, lively and interesting, and strong in operation, with vivid cases,teacher Yang analyzesd the operation skills of P4P full 360 degree of depth, greatly improve the foreign trade enterprises, cross-border business practitioners cross-border lectronic commerce practical ability,participants said that through this training on the Alibaba''s cross-border business platform has a more in-depth understanding, is very helpful for the next step to do a good job in cross-border business.
Shandong China Coal Group Chinese e-commerce talent training base is approval by the Electronic Commerce Association of China ,the only one national e-commerce training base in Jining.The Base positive response to the national advocate Internet+,mass entrepreneurship and innovation,combined with the upgrading of enterprises and a large number of social electricity demand for electricity suppliers,invited the teachers of Tsinghua University, Peking University, China E-Commerce Association experts, Google, Baidu, Alibaba and other well-known instructors to teach students. China Coal Group based on strong comprehensive strength of the e-commerce and the China Electronic Commerce Association talent service center of the national electricity supplier personnel training, assessment through can obtain by the China Electronic Commerce Association awarded the "Chinese electron business affairs personnel certification."
At present, the Group has successfully held two training sessions to let the social, business, public school students enjoy free lectures, which has been widely recognized by students and has good social repercussions. Subsequently, the company will continue to invite renowned instructors of Alibaba, Ta-partner''s and other cross-border e-commerce to give lessons on the cross-border logistics platform, marketing, data analysis, visual art, customer service, cross-border payments and other cross-border programs, so more businesses and college graduates are encouraged to register. Through various training sessions, we aim to create the largest e-commerce training base to cultivate more e-commerce elite!