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Warmly Welcome Leaders Jining Legal Affairs Office''''s Leaders Come to China Coal Group


Morning of May 12th ,accompanied by Dong Zhen,office director of Jining high-tech zone party and government offices,and Libing,deputy director of offices and section chief of ministry of legislation, Lu Yadong,the office director of the Jining legislative office and secretary of Jining party committee and other 40 leaders of legislative office visited  Shandong China Coal Group.Qu qing, chairman and managing director of China Coal Group, Han yong ,the deputy GM of China Coal Group, Li Zhenbo and Fan Peigong, GM of China Coal Group received the visitors and expressed a warm welcome to them.
Accompanied by Mr.Qu, leaderships firstly visited the five e-commence company, cross-border e-commerce company, network information company, software technology company, Weixin agricultural technology company,intelligence robot company. Li Zhenbo made a detailed report on  e-commence, cross-border e-commerce and enterprise information-based construction and focused on exploration of enterprise legal system construction and contract management.Leaders spoke highly of many achievements in Group''s transformation from a traditional enterprise to a key modern enterprise.They all approved the exploration of enterprise legal system construction and contract management.Director Lu said that the management of enterprise by law has a win-win results for enterprises and society.It is not only good for construction of enterprise credit system but also good for strengthening the socialist market economic rules.It is an effective driving force for building a harmonious society and  promoting sustainable development of enterprises.
As China Coal Group has achieved such outstanding achievement in information technology, it set an example for other enterprises to manage enterprise according to the law. Finally,leaders watched shows of High-tech agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and intelligence robot and spoke highly on that.
Group''s chairman Qu Qing said,we are very appreciate the affirmation and encouragement of leads .Since the establishment of China Coal Group,we''re always adhering to scientific development,strengthening Work of Managing Enterprises according to Law,improving the modernized management level,all of these  made  China Coal won a place in the fierce marketing competition.In the future , adhering to our development principle"responsibility to our country,responsibility to our society,responsibility to our customer, ,responsibility to our employee",we will strengthen our enterprise''s standardization management,follow the rule of people-orientation,operation according to laws,and strengthen the supervision.We''ll work vigorously for promoting enterprise''s legalization management construction and achieving better and faster development of China Coal Group.