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Warmly Welcome the Leaders of Jining High-Tech Zone and Taibai Lake Zone Visit China Coal Group


Morning of March 1,Li Bing,the Vice director of Jining national level High-Tech Zone''s office, Zhang Kai,the deputy director of the office of Taibai Lake Zone and other leaders visited Shandong China Coal Group for investigation, group deputy general manager Li Zhenbo, Fan Peigong and other leaders recepted.
Accompanied by GM Li and GM Fan,the leadership visited the Group''s Four E-commerce companies, Cross-border E-commerce company, Information Network company, Software technology company, Carter robotic company and so on,had a detailed understanding of the outstanding achievements in E-commerce, software development, high-tech agriculture, smart logistics, smart equipment manufacturing and other industries of China Coal Group.Subsequently, director Li, director Zhang and other leaders fully affirmed our Group''s development achievement on multi domain,especially the development of E-commerce.Director Li said that China Coal Group as a successful example from traditional enterprise transformation to a modern enterprise information in province.The full range, high levels and areas of the global development strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises, It is worth learning and imitation for small and medium-sized enterprises.Director Zhang also pointed out that hope China Coal Group share the successful experience actively, pioneering and innovative, make persistent efforts, to make more contribution to the economic development in our city.
General manager Li thanked the leaders of jining High-Tech Zone and Taibai Lake Zone to visit China Coal guidance in theirs busy schedule, and said that we are sure to play a good exemplary role, and actively explore new ways of the development of enterprises in the era of Internet +,made positive contributions to accelerate the successful transformation of the city''s small and medium enterprises!