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Warmly Welcome Leaders of China Unicom And China Mobile to Visit China Coal Group


Morning of February 29th, Deputy GM of China Unicom Jining Branch’s Group Division Chen Xihai, Chief inspector Yangtao,Director Yangrui, Network Construction Department director Xu Yuxuan, Project Designers Zhao Guangchen, Zhao Shufeng,and China Mobile Jining High-tech Zone Branch Manager Lianjun, Key Account Manager Shengxuan jointly visit Shandong China Coal Group for the site inspection of information construction project of the Group’s e-commerce building. Deputy General Managers of China Coal Group Li Zhenbo,Fan Peigong,Sun Shijun received them.
The leadships firstly visited the e-commerce companies, cross-border e-commerce company, network information company,software technology company and looked briefly at the fiber network construction,4G network and the future development planning of the e-commerce building. Then,accompanied by Manager Li and Manager Fan,the leaders detailedly conducted a field investigation of the e-commerce building.On the site,They put forward reasonable suggestions on various aspects of routing,channel router,space design, cloud computing data center infrastructure for the whole data center and cabling system.
At last,Manager Li put forward strict requirements on the fiber-optic network construction of the Group’s e-commerce building and intelligent, integrated, modular construction of Cabling System. Mr Li said that,after the completion of China Coal E-commerce Building, the project will be equipped with a full set of equipment of the world''s most advanced e-commerce platform to realize all kinds of information dissemination, electronic order, online trading, online payment and settlement, logistics and distribution services, messaging platforms and services, financial management, corporate personnel administration, enterprise collaboration and other functions,It will become the most advanced e-commerce platform with leading international standard.So how to achieve high-end intelligent network construction and reasonable building integrated wiring related to the scale and speed of the Group’s development of information technology in the future. We hope that leaders of China Unicom and China Mobile will pay more attention to it, do a good job in e-commerce building fiber-optic networks and integrated wiring project with high standards and strict requirements and lay a good foundation for enhancing our Group’s information technology level in the Internet + age.