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Emergency Treatment Method For Unstable Voltage Of Cement Mixer

Whether the power supply voltage of the small cement mixer is too high or too low will affect the normal use of the motor. Abnormal voltage or phase loss can cause fatal injury to the motor.

According to national standards, the power supply voltage range cannot exceed ±10% of the rated voltage. The unbalance of the three-phase voltage cannot exceed ±5%. In this way, the normal operation of the mechanical motor can be protected from damage caused by the power supply voltage. If it is a high-power motor, it must be powered independently to prevent the low voltage caused by the startup and operation of other high-power equipment using copper wires.

If the voltage is unstable during the use of the 220V household small cement mixer, how should the self-check be performed?

Shandong China Coal Group will introduce you some basic solutions for voltage instability during the use of 220V small cement mixer. I hope it helps.

1. The voltage is unstable. First, it is recommended that you check the power cord. The aging of the power cord is the direct factor leading to the instability of the power supply voltage. The aging resistance of the power cord increases, resulting in transient transient voltage instability. In this case, just replace the old power cord.

2. Under special weather conditions, the power supply voltage of the 220V small cement mixer is unstable. For example: thunderstorm weather, strong wind and hail weather, cold and heavy snow weather, will cause voltage instability. In this environment, measures can be taken to prevent rain, snow, wind and hail, and even lightning rods can be installed. Both are more effective measures.

3. Check whether the transformer is abnormal. Normally, if the transformer is damaged or the circuit is short-circuited, the transformer is basically powered off directly, and the voltage is extremely unstable. But this is also one of the possible factors. Should be considered.

4. Check whether the power supply box is aging, resulting in unstable voltage. As mentioned above, the possibility of voltage instability caused by the aging of the transformer is relatively low, which is relatively rare, but it is also one of the possible factors.

The above factors can be controlled by humans. What I want to say below may not be controlled by the individual.

5. The electric tower in the power supply area is unstable. The voltage of civil or industrial electricity is controlled by the area. If the current in the power area is too large, the current will be too large and the voltage will increase accordingly. In other words, the current and voltage changes in the power supply area will definitely affect the current and voltage for civil or industrial use in this area. This is beyond personal control. There is no effective operation measure to protect.

Warm reminder from Shandong China Coal Group manufacturers:

Worrying that the small power pressure of the cement mixer will damage the mechanical motor, it is recommended that you turn off the electrical appliance immediately to prevent damage to the electrical appliance, and wait for the voltage to stabilize before using it. You can also install some power protection measures. More small cement mixer products can only be reflected in the future use process, so it is recommended that you buy a formal small cement mixer manufacturer to ensure the quality of the small cement mixer.

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Emergency Treatment Method For Unstable Voltage Of Cement Mixer