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Warm Congratulations China Coal Group Add 3 More National Mining Product Safety Sign Certificate


Recently, the 40-ton and 50-ton mining heavy-duty flatbed cart products of three models, MPC40-6, MPC40-9, and MPC50-6, independently researched and developed by China Coal Group Intelligent Manufacturing Company, have obtained the National Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate. Up to now, our group has obtained more than 100 models of mining product safety sign certificates for mining hydraulic props, tipper mining carts, fixed mining carts, flatbed carts, mining material carts, winches and other products quality and safety are very guaranteed.

Coal safety certification is the abbreviation of coal mine safety certification. The National Safety Product Marking Center of Safety Standards, authorized by the State Administration of Work Safety, implements the management of safety marks for mining products, organizes the implementation of technical reviews, site reviews, and product sampling inspections. The issuance of safety signs and the supervision and management of enterprises after they have obtained certificates have effectively prevented counterfeit and shoddy products from entering the underground. It is an effective way to ensure the safety of coal mines. Only when the enterprise obtains a coal safety certification certificate can the products produced enter the coal industry.

As a national contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise, a national designated production unit for coal mine special equipment and accessories products, China's top 10 operating equipment enterprises, China's excellent machinery industry enterprise, Shandong Province Outstanding Contribution Award Enterprise, Shandong Province's two-industrial integration innovation demonstration enterprise, Shandong Provincial "one enterprise, one technology" innovation enterprise. For many years, China Coal Group actively responded to national safety production requirements, strictly controlled product quality, worked hard to improve product quality and safety levels, and actively carried out mining product safety certification. The group now has a national There are more than 100 mining product safety certifications, more than 130 new product patents, and more than 160 product inspection qualification reports issued by provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus, which fully proves that China Coal Group is strong in the safety research and development and manufacturing of mining products.

In 2020, China Coal Group will uphold the corporate spirit of being responsible for the country, society, customers and employees, vigorously promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, accelerate the research and development and application of new technology innovation, and promote the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, producing more More mining machinery and equipment that meet national security standards and contribute to the construction of the national safety mine!