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China Coal Group Is Selected As The Science And Technology Enterprise Of Shandong Province In 2020

China Coal Group and its subsidiary Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd., Yimei Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and China Coal Intelligent Machinery Group Co., Ltd., invested by China Coal Group, Shandong China Yun Logistics Group Co., Ltd., relying on innovative transformation of enterprises in the province Outstanding achievements in development were selected at the same time. These five companies were re-selected after being selected as a storage technology enterprise in 2019, which is a high recognition of the development achievements of China Coal Group and various companies in the field of science and technology innovation by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province.

As a national manufacturing and innovation platform demonstration enterprise, an excellent enterprise in the Chinese machinery industry, a national "specialized and special new" enterprise, the first batch of enterprises in Shandong Province for technological innovation project planning, an enterprise in Shandong Province for outstanding contribution awards, and the integration of innovation and industrialization in Shandong Demonstration enterprises, "one enterprise, one technology" innovation enterprise in Shandong Province, China Coal Group vigorously implements the intellectual property strategy, through the combination of industry, university and research, independent innovation, the implementation of the strategy of strengthening enterprises with science and technology, talents to promote enterprises, increasing investment in scientific research and technological innovation , Accelerate the realization of new products, new technologies and achievements. At present, the Group has more than 100 national computer software copyrights, 130 national utility model patents, more than 100 national mining product safety certifications, and more than 160 product inspection qualification reports issued by provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus. Comprehensive strength in R & D and manufacturing.

China Coal Group also actively responds to China ’s 2025 national strategic plan, vigorously promotes the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and improves the level of integration of manufacturing and the Internet. It has successively invested and established China Yun Intelligent Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Shandong China Yun Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Coal Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. vigorously develops e-commerce in the industrial supply chain, transforms from a traditional sales model to a modern e-commerce sales model, and enhances new competitive advantages. At the same time, the Group developed advanced industrial robots, smart home robots, firefighting robots, crawler detonation robots, agricultural plant protection drones and other industrial intelligent products through the introduction of foreign robot advanced technology, which has driven the province and even the national intelligent equipment industry. Rapid development!

In order to better accelerate the development of Internet software innovation, Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, has continuously strengthened independent scientific research and development and innovative research and development, actively seeking benefits from science and technology and achievements from research and development, and has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. , ISO27001 information security management system certification, has more than 100 computer software copyrights, has been rated as "professional and new" enterprises in Shandong Province, the first batch of cloud application service providers in Shandong Province, "double software certification" enterprises, Jining City outstanding Software companies, Jining high-tech enterprises and other honors have established a good reputation and credibility in the society.

This time, five companies including China Coal Group were selected as Shandong science and technology enterprises for storage in 2020 at the same time, which is a high recognition of the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of the companies by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province. In 2020, our group will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, improve research and development facilities, strengthen production-study-research cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, and accelerate the acceleration of innovation capabilities and success rates of achievement transformation of each group company. Scientific and technological innovation play a positive role in demonstration and leadership!