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Multi-functional Mortar Spraying Machine Taking The Road Of Mechanization Development For Innovating And Upgrading


With the development and transformation of China's economy to the market economy, the position of construction machinery production in the national economy is increasing day by day. The construction of construction machinery mortar spraying machine has become an important part of the construction machinery commodity base, and has driven the development of construction machinery mortar spraying machine mechanization and construction machinery. The development of mortar spraying machine can not only stay in the mechanical technology, but also combine with electronic technology, automatic control, and other technologies to improve its scientific and technological content, such as the development of automatic mortar spraying machine with the direction of comprehensive mechanization and modernization, and improve the production of construction machinery to a new level of development.

Mortar spraying machine has the characteristics of high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecology, safety and annual production. It has realized high efficiency production and sustainable development, and improved the level of industrial science popularization and industrial modernization. As a modern high input industry requiring high infrastructure conditions, facility construction and operation and maintenance effectively promote the development of rural construction, materials, machinery, chemical industry, management and other urban agricultural industries and related industries, effectively promote the industrialization and urbanization construction, and at the same time broaden the channels of income increase. It has played a very important role in ensuring the construction machinery and improving the life of urban and rural residents. However, the facility industry is a modern and efficient technology which integrates biotechnology, engineering technology and information technology. Its technology intensity, intensification and commercialization are all very high. Such characteristics make the development of China's facilities industry face many constraints in technology, investment, production and management.

The multi-functional mortar spraying machine can increase the firmness and adhesion of the wall, which is a construction base treatment process to prevent the wall from hollowing. The multifunctional mortar spraying machine is a kind of construction machinery and equipment, which is easy to use. The roughing spraying machine can greatly reduce the cost, time and operation, and can be used for indoor and external wall spraying. Cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying, fire spraying, thermal insulation material spraying of cement mortar machine, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, coating spraying, garden spraying, relief effect coating and other projects.