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Precautions When Selecting Small Crane


Small crane is a commonly used lifting tool, which is used in industrial production, construction, plant warehouse and other fields. It is very important to choose a small crane with good quality. What should we pay attention to when choosing a small crane?

1. When selecting a small crane, first of all, look at the appearance. Generally, the appearance of the crane produced by a small factory is rough without a trademark, and the surface is mostly treated by spraying, and the outer packaging is simple and crude, the manual, the certificate of conformity are incomplete, and there is no inspection certificate. The crane produced by the large factory generally has the above certificates, and the surface treatment is fine, mostly spray plastic treatment.

2. Plug in the power to run the motor and listen to the motor. The crane motor produced by the regular manufacturer has low running noise, and the main machine will not shake at will, while the crane produced by the small factory has high noise, and the main machine has slight shaking.

3. In general, the main machine case produced by regular manufacturers should be larger, the base is more solid, and the bottom seat is equipped with anti overturning device, while the crane produced by small manufacturers, in order to cheat customers for more profit, the main machine is free of any safety mistakes, and the bottom seat is not reinforced in any way, so it is easy to have side overturning accidents in the use process, and the accidents of machine damage and human death often occur It is a very important choice to observe the bottom sitting of the main engine.

4. In view of the support part, most of the crane support steel pipes are thick and multi-purpose aviation seamless steel pipes, the main pole is standard 5-hectare-thick seamless steel pipes, while most of the support produced by small factories are seam steel pipes or seamless steel pipes with the bottom of 5mm thick. As long as you pick up the weight in your hand, you will understand. If you use a scale to compare, it is more ideal, but you can distinguish the true from the false. Support identification is also very important. Unqualified supports are easy to deform or bend during lifting.