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Warm Congratulations To China Coal Group Being Rated As A Class A Model Enterprise Of "6501" Incubation Project In Jining


In order to commend the advanced, establish a typical model, and promote the 2020 “6501” cultivation project to a new level, recently, the Jining Information Industry Development Leading Group has comprehensively evaluated various types of “6501” cultivation project key enterprises in the city and announced List of Class A Model Enterprises of "6501" Cultivation Project in 2019. Relying on its outstanding achievements in the integration of the two industries in the city, China Coal Group has achieved remarkable results in the comprehensive evaluation of the "6501" cultivation project in Jining in 2019, and has been rated as a Class A model enterprise.

In the commendation, it was pointed out that since the implementation of the "6501" cultivation project, all types of cultivation enterprises in the city have conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, firmly established the main body consciousness, exerted their own advantages, continuously developed and innovated, and made solid and effective cultivation work in accordance with the requirements of several opinions of the municipal government on strengthening the technological transformation of enterprises and "6501" cultivation project and accelerating the transformation of new and old driving forces, A number of excellent enterprises with solid work, standardized management and outstanding performance have emerged, setting a benchmark for the city's industrial development.

As an enterprise of China's Integration Practice Award, a pilot enterprise of Shandong's integration management system and an outstanding enterprise of Shandong's integration, China Coal Group, closely around the country, actively promotes the development strategy of "integration of manufacturing industry and Internet", vigorously develops the industrial supply chain e-commerce, promotes the in-depth integration of enterprise informatization and industrialization, and successfully develops from the traditional sales mode It has been transformed into a modern e-commerce sales mode, and has become an industry model for promoting the successful transformation of traditional enterprises through the e-commerce information industry in China. It has been in the forefront of many enterprises in the innovation and development of the integration of the two modernizations in the country, and has been highly praised by the leaders at all levels of the country and provinces and cities for many times. At the same time, the group independently developed and operated the industrial Internet platform of coal machinery industry - yikuangyun. The platform has been successively rated as the Ministry of industry and information technology's manufacturing industry innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration platform, the Ministry of industry and information technology's cross-border e-commerce integration and innovation pilot project, the Ministry of industry and information technology's national new information consumption demonstration project, Shandong Province's enterprise cloud platform of excellent cloud industry, Shandong Province's key e-commerce platform, Shandong Province The provincial industrial Internet platform, the public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province and other honors, and won the first prize in the final of the fourth intelligent manufacturing (industry 4.0) innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Shandong Province in December 2019, making outstanding contributions to promoting the integration and development of the whole province and even the whole country!

This time, China coal group was rated as a class a demonstration enterprise of "6501" cultivation project in Jining City, which is the city's high affirmation of our group's achievements in the field of integration of industrialization and industrialization. In 2020, our group will take this opportunity to continue to adhere to the integrated development path of informatization and industrialization, actively explore new ways and methods for the integrated development of enterprises in the new situation, share innovation and development experience with more enterprises, play a good role as a model leader, and contribute more strength to the integrated innovation and development of the whole province and even the whole country!