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Working Principle Of Scraper Winch


Most people who have been in contact with the winch know that the scraper winch (also called rake mine winch)is a machine used in the mine, but many people don't understand the working principle of the scraper winch. Today, I will explain the working principle of the scraper winch.


In mining applications, the scraper winch is an indispensable machine. It can be said that it has played a very important role in the development of the mining industry. It mainly has these types of structural devices, including reduction gears, main reels, auxiliary reels, operating devices, steel rope guides and motors. These components are separately installed. Inside and outside the case. In addition, when the motor of the scraper winch is started, when the internal gears are not braked, the internal gears are rotated, and the drum does not move under the action of the steel rope and the bucket; one of the internal The gear is locked by the operating device, then its corresponding reel will rotate the rope, and at the same time, it will also drive the bucket. At this time, the other gear is not locked, and its reel is driven to rotate by the active action of the steel rope. Let go of the steel rope. By operating the brake lever to alternately lock the internal gears of the main and auxiliary drums, the harrow bucket performs reciprocating motion for raking.


Now you must know how the scraper winch works. For more questions about scraper winch, please feel free to contact us! !!