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Customized Electric Telescopic Hydraulic Small Crane


User consultation: 1 ton truck-mounted hydraulic small crane, 220V electric aluminum shell elevator

Custom requirements: 2 meters high vertical column, 4.5 meters long hang boom (electric hydraulic telescopic)

The user installs a small truck-mounted crane in a truck body, usually lifting some 200-500 kilograms of heavy objects, and the longest size of the crane is 200-500 kilograms, because the crane takes up a lot of space and the crane needs to be folded together with the vertical column to avoid occupying a lot of space. After the vertical column is raised and the hang boom is adjusted, it becomes difficult to adjust the height and length. The user proposes a custom-made electro-hydraulic telescopic hang boom.

According to the above content, the vertical column heightening hang boom is lengthened, and a 1.5-ton truck-mounted crane is needed to order it. If a 1-ton truck-mounted crane is used to order a weight that cannot bear 500 kg, the overall size of the crane has already been changed and heighten, it has become a non-standard product without quality assurance. If you use a 1.5-ton truck crane to thicken the overall pipe wall, it is important to increase the height of the vertical column by 2 meters and the length of the hang boom to be 4.5 meters. The angle is 90 ° 105 ° 125 ° same angle as conventional hoist.

When we are lifting heavy objects, we generally use steel wire ropes for binding. Here we do not use excessively long steel ropes. We can use 2 lifting straps for binding, which is an effective method.