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Congratulations To China Coal Group Kate Robot Company On Winning The Bid For The Plant Protection Drone Procurement Project

The multi-rotor plant protection drone independently developed by Shandong Carter Intelligent Robotics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, won the bid for the green, high-quality and efficient creation of a plant protection drone project for the Wenshang County Agriculture and Rural Bureau. plant protection drones has been highly affirmed by all sectors of society, and will greatly enhance the company's visibility and influence in the field of plant protection drones.
Congratulations To China Coal Group Kate Robot Company On Winning The Bid For The Plant Protection Drone Procurement ProjectCongratulations To China Coal Group Kate Robot Company On Winning The Bid For The Plant Protection Drone Procurement Project
he multi-rotor plant protection drone is a simple multi-rotor. It adopts a modular design, is extremely convenient to use and maintain, has unparalleled stability, and is waterproof, drop-proof, and fault-proof. The aircraft uses lithium batteries as flight power. Each battery can work continuously for an average of 15 minutes, two flights, and the width of the spray frame and flight height can be adjusted freely. Using multi-rotor agricultural electronic plant protection drones for operations, each aircraft can complete an operation area of more than 500 acres per day, which is more than 100 times the labor efficiency.

Since its establishment, Shandong Karter Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. has been taking the global market as its guide and the international brand as its purpose. It has continuously increased research investment in intelligent manufacturing and high-tech products. It has successively developed agricultural plant protection drones, fire drones, Inspection of drones, aerial drones, smoke drones, measurement drones and industrial intelligent robots, smart home robots, entertainment robots, fire robots and other series of high-tech intelligent products, realizing a new leap in the company's development .

At present, Kate has obtained the national civil unmanned aerial vehicle operation license, the civil unmanned aircraft pilot vocational education and training center certificate, the Air Force Jinan base staff department drone flight airspace approval letter, the national ISO9001 quality management system certification, the European Union CE Certification, Inspection and Certification of National Plant Protection Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Inspection and Certification of Shandong Electronic Information Product Inspection Institute, National Utility Model Patents for Plant Protection UAVs, National Utility Model Patents for Portable Utilities for Plant Protection UAVs, Member of China Service Robot Industry Alliance Unit, member unit of Shandong Province UAV Industry Alliance, member unit of Shandong Aviation Industry Association, won the Shandong Science and Technology Enterprise, Shandong Province "Integrity Construction Demonstration Enterprise", Jining City "Specialized and Special New Enterprise", Jining City E-commerce Certification Enterprises and other honorary titles have established a good reputation and credibility in the society.

Recently, according to the "Implementation of the" Cloud Service Voucher "Financial Subsidy in Shandong Province to Promote the Implementation of" Enterprises on the Cloud "(2017-2020)" and the "Cloud Service in Shandong Province" The requirements of the “Financial Award Supplementary Implementation Details” document, after strict evaluation and demonstration by experts, Shandong Kate Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the third batch of cloud service providers of Shandong enterprises on the cloud, which will further promote Kate ’s “enterprise on cloud” Informatization investment.

At present, the new generation product 3WWDZ-16 plant protection drone developed by Shandong Kate Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. has been successfully selected into the agricultural machinery subsidy list of Anhui Province, Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, and Guangxi Province. The 3WWDZ-16 plant protection drone is equipped with a plant protection dedicated flight control and agricultural intelligent data control platform and a dual-water pump accurate metering and spraying system, which can be remotely controlled to avoid the danger of spraying workers from being exposed to pesticides. It saves 50% of pesticide use and 90% of water consumption, reduces resource costs, has many advantages such as high operating safety factor, good control effect, accurate spraying, etc. Since the product was put on the market, the market sales have been very good.

In just a few years, Kate Robot Company has been advancing all the way, and has won one honor after another. It has experienced leaps and bounds. While promoting industrial change and social development, it has been positively acknowledged by partners and customers. It has been widely recognized by all walks of life! In the next step, Kate will accelerate the integration and development of 5G, AI technology, drones, and intelligent robots, accelerate the development and application of new technology innovations, and produce more high-quality, high-tech intelligent products. Machine industry development to make greater contributions!