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China Coal Group Organizes Special Training On Legal Knowledge


In order to adapt to the new situation of the group's operation and development, comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of management personnel, further standardize the signing and performance of contracts, and prevent various legal risks in business activities, the afternoon of November 23, the special training meeting on legal knowledge of China Coal Group in the group office building Meeting rooms on the second floor were held, and more than 50 middle-level leaders and business elites from various companies and functional departments of the Group participated in the training.

China Coal Group Organizes Special Training On Legal Knowledge

The training was conducted by Huo Sen, the Head of the Legal Department of China Coal Group. In the class, Mr. Huo mainly analyzed the operation practice of the sales contract, focused on explaining the main terms of the sales contract, contract performance control, risk prevention and control, etc., and conducted in-depth analysis and elaboration with the real case of the group, emphasizing business and procurement The links and risk control points that personnel need to pay attention to during actual operation allow everyone to further understand the legal risk identification, prevention and control methods. The entire training content is in line with the Group's actual operation, rich in content, easy to understand, and highly targeted and instructive. The majority of trainees concentrated on listening, detailed recording, and active communication, and the atmosphere of the training scene was strong.

China Coal Group Organizes Special Training On Legal Knowledge

Over the years, China Coal Group has always insisted on "administering enterprises according to law", constantly improving the construction of corporate governance by law, continuously improving its ability to govern enterprises by law, and effectively avoiding and preventing commercial risks. This training and learning has further enhanced the legal risk prevention awareness and legal risk prevention and control capabilities of cadres and employees. It has important guiding significance for the next step in standardizing business operations, reducing contract disputes, improving business levels, and reducing operating risks and is a strong guarantee for high-quality development next step!