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Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

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Introduction of Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

Zebra Crossing Marking Machine is the auxiliary equipment for the construction of hot melt marking; it is used for coating zebra crossing line) and highway entrances and exits marking (diversion line), the construction of direction for the direction of pull, the hard alloy knife landing, a forming, plan marking edge angle, linear appearance, live knife design, is convenient for adjusting the thickness of the marking.

Parameter of Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

1, the coating material bucket paint bucket and bucket integrated, suspended in the frame of the chassis, scraper type structure, material barrel equipment filter network, capacity
2, the glass bead box manual synchronous clutch, gear, rolling sowing, and disassembly design.
3, plastic wheel cast iron wheel, wear resistance rubber
4, line width 400/450mm can be customized according to the requirements of the project
5, size and weight 1250 x 750 x 900mm
6, net weight 90kg

Photos of Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

Comment of Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

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