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The Development Of Coal Gas Industry In China Will Become More Stable


According to statistics from the National Development and Reform Commission, in April, China’s natural gas production was 12.1 billion cubic meters, up 14.4% year-on-year; natural gas imports were 6.4 billion cubic meters, an increase of 22.5%; and natural gas consumption was 16.9 billion cubic meters, an increase of 21.7%.It is not difficult to see that the demand for natural gas in China is huge and the supply gap needs to be made up.

“Because of the slow growth of conventional natural gas and the reliance on imports to ease supply pressure, the development of unconventional natural gas is an effective way to make up for the supply gap. Coal-based gas-generating technology is an ideal channel because of its short lines and high thermal energy conversion.” Zhongwen Information Analyst Sha Wenbo told reporters.Sha Wenbo predicts that China's huge demand for natural gas also means that coal gas has more room for development. In the later period, industry development is expected to become more stable.