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Business Model of Cement Shotcrete Machine


Rely on marketing model, the supplier of cement shotcrete machine expand different operating mode. 
1. Agents operating mode 
Development of agents in the country, dividing to seven areas, establish clear product distribution company sales channels, the company mainly oriented funds transfer service and establish the company brand, the company just set a regional manager in every business, responsible for the area dealer services and management.Principles of service and after-sales as the core, supplemented by regional business sales, simultaneously enhancing the company’s product brands.Making a good agent management system and service system.To develop sales plans, and days sales outstanding programs to achieve the company’s sales strategy.To achieve the company’s marketing objectives. 
2.Quickly dominate the market 
The company established sales team to maximize the company’s profit,and can build a standardized sales team, management system, a management system to manage, there is a fixed sales plan sales targets and build sales model in three, fixed area, to achieve the company’s sales strategy.Advantage, completely controllable, the future development of marketing models. Local better efficiency, strong development potential has a strong vitality.