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Party Secretary Ma Pingchang Visited Shandong Information Industry Base China Coal Group Exhibition Booth For Guidance


November 23rd afternoon, Shandong Province Information Industry Base Results Show was held in the high-tech zone of Jining City. Shandong China Coal Group was invited as the key enterprise of Jining City, and Fan Peigong, Group Vice General Manager, Yan Ting, E-commerce Company Vice President, Wang Hui, Kate Robot Company Manager and other leaders attended the Results Show with a variety of intelligent terminal equipment. City leaders, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Ma Pingchang, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of High-tech Zone Bai Shan, Vice Mayor Zhang Shengming, Municipal Economic and Information Commission Researcher, Provincial Information Industry Office Director Wang Youbing and other leaders came in person in China Coal Group exhibition booth for guidance and spoke highly of the Group's achievements in developing information industry!
During the exhibition, the Group's intelligent industrial robots, intelligent home robots, agricultural plane, aerial drones, modern agricultural equipment, new energy products, intelligent security equipment and other high-tech intelligent terminal equipment received a high degree of concern from the guests and leaders. Secretary Ma, and many other city leaders asked in details about the outstanding achievements China Coal Group has achieved in recent years in the information technology industry and intelligent terminal industry, watched the demonstration of the intelligent robots, agricultural plane and other intelligent terminal equipment independently developed by China Coal, and asked in details about the performance, applications and performance advantages of intelligent products. Secretary Ma  highly affirmed the achievements and contributions the Group has made in the field of intelligent terminals, he pointed out that as the leading enterprises of Jining City in developing information industry and intelligent terminal industry, China Coal Group walked in the forefront of the province in developing information industry, and was the successful transformation and upgrading model of Shandong Province and the national industries, made a good example for the Jining traditional enterprises to rapidly transformed to the information industry, so we must promote the successful experience of China Coal Group to the province, the country and give the Group strong support in the policy.
Shandong Coal Group actively respond to national policies to speed up the development of intelligent terminal industry, and actively promote the industrial transformation and upgrading. And the new established China Coal E-commerce Industrial Park, through the introduction of foreign advanced robot technology concept to develop China's high-end intelligent products, and has successfully developed a number of high-end smart products, such as industrial intelligent robot, restaurant service robot, intelligent home robot, entertainment robot, fire robot, high-tech UAV, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment, etc., greatly promoted the the rapid development of intelligent terminal industry of southwest Shandong and Shandong Province! At the same time, the Group adhere to the "manufacturing and Internet integration" development strategy, vigorously develop the industrial supply chain e-commerce, and successfully transformed from traditional sales model to modern e-commerce sales model, became the national industry model that promote the successful transformation of traditional enterprises through e-commerce information industry, walked in the national forefront in developing information industry, and has been named the MIIT E-commerce Integrated Innovation Demonstration Enterprises, 2016 Annual China Informatization and Industrialization Integration Innovation Practice Awards, Shandong Province Informatization and Industrialization Integration Management System Implementation Pilot Enterprises, Shandong Province E-commerce Model Enterprises, Shandong Province E-commerce Outstanding Enterprises, Jining City Informatization and Industrialization Integration Key Demonstration Enterprises, highly praised many times by the municipal, provincial as well as the national leaders. WWW.1KUANG.NET, self-developed and operated by China Coal, as the first domestic mining machinery industry cross-border B2B e-commerce platform, makes up the scarcity of domestic and foreign mining machinery industry cross-border e-commerce platform, being selected MIIT e-commerce integrated innovation pilot project, listed as the cross-border e-commerce key support project by MIIT, and has made outstanding contributions to promote the deep integration of national informatization and industrialization!
President Fan, on behalf of the Group, expressed his feeling of gratitude to the leaderships, friends from all walks of life, old and new customers for their support to the development of China Coal Group over the years, China Coal will continue to play a leading role,  actively explore the new ways to develop e-commerce in Internet + age, speed up the products innovation and transformation in high tech industry and agriculture,  enhance the Group's market share in high-end intelligent terminal industry, and strive to make China Coal E-commerce Industrial Park the largest modern intelligent terminal industry demonstration base of Southwest region to do more positive contributions for the rapid development of the national information industry!