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Warmly Welcome Director Liu of Jining Daily to Visit China Coal Group


Nov. 22nd afternoon, Liu Yunhua, Director of Jining Daily, visited Shandong China Coal Group Group industrial park to make a study tour on the Group's e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce development and the construction of China Coal E-commerce industrial park. The Group's Deputy general manager Han Yong, vice president Fan Peigong and other leaders made a warm reception.
In order to better understand the development of the Group, under the leadership of President Han, Director Liu and other leaders visited China Coal Group e-commerce company, cross-border e-commerce company, network information company, software technology company, intelligent robots company and China Coal Group New E-commerce Industrial Park. During the visit, President Han made a detailed introduction on China Coal Group's outstanding achievements in e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce in recent years, and focused on the business development of China Coal Group in the field of intelligent robots, environmental protection equipment, security and rescue equipment, medical equipment, water conservancy & power equipment and other new industries. President Han said that since 2008, China Coal Group has been developing e-commerce and has made many positive explorations and efforts in the field of e-commerce and the creation of cross-border e-commerce B2B platform, which has been widely recognized by various sectors of the society. The four major e-commerce platforms self-developed and operated by China Coal were spoke highly of by the national, provincial and municipal leaders and the social response of the Group's high-tech agricultural plane, intelligent robots and other high-tech products is very good, and has been key reported by several medias, like Dazhong Daily, Shandong TV, and Jining TV Station. The next step, China Coal Group e-commerce industrial park will have 50 companies settled, the annual sales income will come to 10 billion yuan, and solves the employment of more than 2,000 people, based Jining City e-commerce demonstration, aims to build an "eight-in-one"  national e-commerce demonstration base that contains a set of commodity trading, intelligent terminal manufacturing, logistics and distribution, industrial services, exhibition Expo, business office, comprehensive supplement, and e-commerce training with the linkage development of "e-commerce building + entity commerce + logistics + R & D + online payment".
The overall development of the Group was spoke highly of by the Director Liu and many other newspaper leaders. Director Liu said that through the visit of China Coal E-commerce Industrial Park, they have a more in-depth understanding of China Coal, as a traditional manufacturing enterprises, China Coal Group conducted bold innovation in the business model, walked in the forefront of the development of information industry in Shandong Province, has made a good example for the industrial enterprises to accelerate the informatization, and her successful experience is well worth learning from for other enterprises. As the media, we must take the Group's innovative development model and the development achievements of e-commerce to the whole society to establish a model benchmark for traditional industrial enterprises, and better promote the industrial enterprises' transformation development of Jining City, Shandong Province as well as the whole country!