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China Coal Group Invited to Participate in B2B Business Transformation Seminar


September 23 afternoon, Jining City B2B business transformation seminar held in Jining City Bureau of Commerce. As the Benchmarking enterprise of Jining City in B2B transformation development was invited to attend the meeting. On behalf of the Group, Jiang Chaoxiang, deputy general manager of China Coal cross-border e-commerce company attended the meeting.
The seminar, with the theme that"Setting Sail, Helping B2B Business Transformation" is divided into overseas marketing and communication two parts. The speaker of the seminar is Guo Liang, the general manager of Shanghai Singoo Information Technology Co., Ltd, as well as the author and promoter of Chinese manufacturing cross-border marketing overall program with 10 years of practical experience in Internet marketing overseas. At the meeting, President Guo made a detailed interpretation for manufacturers on how to use the advantage of the Internet to expand overseas sales channels; how to create the overseas market brand to achieve the rapid growth of trade transactions and gave a detailed answer on the issues raised by representatives of the participating companies.
At the meeting, China Coal has been recognized by guest speakers and representatives of the participating companies for the achievements the Group achieved in cross-border e-commerce development. In recent years, Shandong China Coal responded positively to national export policy, and vigorously expand overseas markets, developed cross-border e-commerce, set up a cross-border e-commerce team covering English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and other languages, promoted the full realization of the Group's global development strategy. At the same time of actively expand overseas business, China Coal also vigorously develop cross-border B2B e-commerce platform and has independently developed and operated six e-commerce platform, like,,,,,,, which has made outstanding contributions in promoting national industrial & mining machinery industry transformation and upgrading !
President Jiang expressed that, the seminar provides ideas and solutions for the city's development of B2B business transformation, enables large enterprises to further understand the situation at home and abroad and to have a clear direction of future development, and is significant for the next overseas marketing. Next, China Coal will accelerate the expansion of international trade development scale, expand China Coal products in the international market share, enhance the international competitiveness of China Coal brand, and strive to create a new situation of China Coal in the innovation and development!