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Warm Congratulation to China Coal Group and Henglian Construction Machinery Company On Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On July 23rd,Shandong China Coal Group and Henglian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in China Coal e-commerce industrial park.General manager of Henglian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd Chen Shouwei attended the ceremony,Secretary General of Jining Information Industry Service Platform Alliance Hu Zhaojie was invited to participate in it.The Group''s vice general managers Li Zhenbo,Fan Peigong,deputy general managers of international trading company Jiang Chaoxiang,Tiancong attended the signing ceremony.
Secretary General Hu and Manager Chen visited the five major e-commerce companies,Cross-border E-commerce Company, Weixin Agricultural Company,Network Information Company and Software Technology Company.Group vice manager Li Zhenbo did a brief introduction on the Group''s e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce development and future planning .Visiting leaders has given a high degree of evaluation and recognition on our Group''s achievements in the field of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce platform construction and operation, and the development of foreign trade.
On the signing ceremony,Manager Chen of Henglian gave a high evaluation on our Group''s perfect e-commerce model,he said that,with the coming of "Internet+" era,For construction machinery industry,the road of e-commerce can''t wait,the reason that selecting Shandong China Coal Group the strategic partner in the development of e-commerce,is the successful experience of China Coal Group in the development of e-commerce and powerful business development team,hope that through the combination of Shandong China Coal Group and Henglian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd,to make them complement each other.Strong engineering machinery manufacturing capacity of Henglian and perfect electronic business platform, multi-level sales channels of China Coal Group,will promote the two sides open up a broader prospect in the future development pattern.Through this strategic cooperation, to better achieve win-win situation!
Subsequently, Shandong China Coal Group''s vice general manager Lizhen Bo, general manager Chen shouwei of Henglian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd representing the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and issued e-commerce dealer authorization card for Shandong China Coal Group, both leaders posed for pictures.
Manager Li said that,this time, reaching strategic cooperation with Henglian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd, is mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation innovative model.Hope that both sides will give full play to the advantages of resources in their respective fields,with the aim of joint development and long-term cooperation,through the complementary advantages, powerful combination, share resources,to promote the comprehensive cooperation in e-commerce development in the construction machinery industry and we are sure to play a good exemplary role, and actively explore new ways of the development of enterprises in the era of Internet +,made positive contributions to accelerate the successful transformation of the city''s small and medium enterprises!