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Warmly Congratulated China Coal Group Chairman Named 2016 Shandong Province Outstanding Chief Information Officer(CIO)


To strengthen the building of information technology personnel team, improve CIO quality, mobilize CIO enthusiasm for work, under the guidance of Shandong Province Economic and Information Commission, Shandong Province Chief Information Officer (CIO) Union carried out the 2016 Annual "Shandong Province Outstanding CIO " Selecting Activity in the province. After layers of strict screening, recently officially publicized 2016 Shandong Province Outstanding CIO list,Mr.Qu Qing, Shandong China Coal chairman and GM was awarded this honour.
In order to better promote the integration of industrialization and informatization, solve repeated construction and wasting of resources in information construction, strengthen inter-industry and inter-regional mutual cooperation, integrate resources, and achieve interoperability, business collaboration,promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, national MIIT repeatedly asked to popularize CIO system. To promote the building of province CIO institution, Shandong Province, under the strong support and promotion of Provincial Economic and Information Commission,in November 2014 formally established Shandong Province CIO Union, and the Union, under the strong support and promotion of related departments, guided and supported enterprises to establish CIO system through operating platforms, promoted the process of integration of industrialization and informatization, effectively condensed CIO cohesion force, gives full play to the value of CIO, strengthened exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, and made a positive contribution in accelerating the process of informatization of the province.
In recent years, Shandong China Coal, under the leadership of Chairman Qu Qing, with quality products and attentive service,our group has made "china coal" become a famous brand and has established the long-term cooperation with several large companies over the world.Clients have now reached 480000.Compared with companies , China Coal Group has a significant lead in market share and set a new benchmark for national mining industry.
This time, China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing was named 2016 Shandong Province Outstanding Chief Information Officer, which is a highly affirmed for the Group achievements in information development,marking the Group''s enterprise information construction has reached the advanced level in Shandong Province, and set a benchmark model for other industrial enterprises. In the future, China Coal Group would continue to uphold the path of developing information, to learn and practice the scientific outlook on development thoroughly,actively explore new ways of developing enterprise information technology under the new situation, and make new contributions for the national industrial informatization construction!