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Shandong China Coal Group Held Forum To Celebrate the 95th Anniversary of CCP Founding


To celebrate the 95th anniversary of founding of CCP, recall the struggling history, on the afternoon of July 1st, Shandong China Coal Group held a forum to celebrate the 95th CCP founding anniversary in the conference room which hosted by the Group''s office manager Guan Chenghui, all the formal CCP members, reserve members and activists joined the meeting together.
In order to further strengthen the awareness of the nature and purpose of the CCP and concept of honor and disgrace, enhance and develop the active leading role of CPC members, reinforce the Party''s own development, all Party members of China Coal Group relived the Party Constitution together, and took the Party oath once under the Party flag. Sonorous oath, make the thought of Party members be sublimated again. After reviewed the ceremony of joining Party, Senior Party member Xu Weiwei, formal Party member Chen Changqian and reserve Party member Wang Guangwen made statements respectively.
This Party member activity, strengthened all Party members'' faith in the Party, formed the correct values, outlook on their life. Some comrades said that, should make full use of our own labor enthusiasm as a Party member, firmly grasp the work principle of daring to fight, play an exemplary role, work actively and make our own contribution to the development of Group!