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Warmly Welcome Russian Merchants Visited China Coal Group for Auditing Factory Capacity


Morning of July 1st, Russian merchants visited our Group and had an audit on the relevant purchasing issues about equipment which they would export to Indonesia. Li Zhenbo, the deputy general manager of Shandong China Coal Group, Jiang Chaoxiang, the deputy general managers of International Trade Company and other leaders received merchants and give a warm welcome to them.
The main products that they want to buy are steel rail, fishplate, splint, sleeper,turnout and mine car. Under the leading of Manager Li, merchants visited the intelligent equipment production workshop of our Group and carefully observed the production process of the equipment onsite, and they saw the samples. The staff made a detail and introduction on the technical parameters. Through onsite investigation, Russian merchants expressed that they are fully affirmed to our manufacturing strength. The merchants said that China Coal Group has great popularity overseas and they all trust Group''s manufacturing strength and high quality. Today, through the inspection tour, they strengthened confidence in the long-term cooperation with Shandong China Coal Group. Subsequently, two sides had a detailed discussion about the contract.
In recent years, China Coal Group based on the global, have the whole world in view, vigorously develop international trade e-commerce, increase the strength of international market development, the products are exported to 141 countries and regions worldwide through 1wkuang, the cross-border e-commerce platform. Build a diversified market structure in the world, become a national leader in the development of cross-border e-commerce trade. Future, China Coal Group will actively expand global development strategy, and strive to scale, profit, brand, service, value into the forefront of the world, build "China Coal" into a world-class brand!