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Warmly Welcome the Veteran Cadre Observation Group Visit Our Group''''s Expo Booth and Give High Appraisal


June 30th, 2016 China Manufacturing and Internet Integration and Development Expo was grandly held in Jining High-tech Zone Exhibition. As the MIIT Cross-border E-commerce Integration Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Shandong Industrial Outstanding Contribution Award Enterprise and the Key Enterprise of Shandong information and industrialization integration project, China Coal Group attended the Expo and purposely set up 500 square meters special booth at the exhibition to show China Group''s high-tech products: intelligent industrial robots, intelligent home robots, fire-fighting robot, 9D VR Cinema and Agricultural UAV, aerial drones, modern agricultural equipment, new energy products, 3D printing equipment, intelligent security equipment, high-speed railway equipment etc.
During the exhibition, China Coal''s booth received the Observation Group composed of more than 100 veteran cadres,who made a special trip to visit exhibition site,the veteran cadres earnestly visited our group''s exhibited numbers of smart products, kindly asked the products'' performance and technical advantages,Our site staff patient and careful explain obtained favourable comment from many veteran cadres.The Observation Group gave high praise and recognition on our group''s achievements in actively promote manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion development,agreed China Coal Group positively seizing the opportunity,walking in the forefront of the provincial and even the domestic manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion development.China Coal not only enhanced enterprise''s comprehensive strength and competitiveness, meantime made outstanding contributions for the city and the province''s industrial economic development too.
In recent years, China Coal Group positively respond to the country to promote collaborative "Made In China 2025 "and" Internet+", innovate and transform in time, gradually take transformation to diversified, high-tech intellectual development road of intelligent robot, new agricultural machinery, high-tech UAV, modern medical equipment, high-end rescue equipment, new environmental protection equipment, power equipment and others. At the same time, we adhere to the "Manufacturing and Internet Integration and Development" development strategy, vigorously develop the industrial supply chain E-commerce, successful transformation from the traditional sales model to the modern e-commerce sales model, boost the development of e-commerce in Jining, Shandong and nationwide, become the industry model of China manufacturing and internet integration and development. Next, we will actively implement the national policy, to lead the development of science and technology and innovation, accelerate the process of manufacturing and internet integration and development, to make more positive contributions to the economic and information integration development.