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Congratulate Shandong China Coal Attend the 2016 Twentieth INT''''L Soft China


May 26th,the 2016 Twentieth INT''L Soft China opening in Beijing exhibition centre which Organized by the MII, China Software Industry Association and other units. Minister Miao Wei, the ministry of MII attended the opening ceremony and had a speech. As "domestic software first exhibition", the Soft Expo attractted more than 600 well-known enterprises exhibitors, a lot of domestic and foreign experts gathered together to build up an international exchange platform of software products. Shandong China Coal Group as the electronic commerce demonstration enterprise of the MII to participate in the Shandong Software Expo, Minister Miao and a number of national leaders and industry experts gave highly value in our Group''s outstanding achievements in the field of electronic commerce.
In recent years, Shandong China Coal Group respond positively to the national informatization and industrialization development policy, accelerate the development of information technology and industrialization integration and innovation, successful transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprises to modern information enterprise, the transformation from the traditional sales model to the modern electronic commerce marketing mode, and became industry model through successful transformation of traditional enterprises through the electronic commerce information industry, is the leader of enterprise informatization construction in Shandong Province, and awarded the national e-commerce integrated innovation demonstration enterprise. In order to push more enterprises to accelerate informatization and industrialization development, our Group also has independent development and operation Six e-commerce platform, such as 1kuang, zgwlwlw, zgnongke, cccjyw, eeyy, haitao. And 1kuang as the country''s first cross-border B2B machinery manufacturing industry, to fill the gaps in the domestic and foreign machinery industry e-commerce platform, as a commerce as a cross-border e-commerce inportant project by the National Ministry, made a outstanding contributions for promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of the machinery manufacturing industry in the country.
During the exhibition period, more than a number of leaders and the industry have come to the booth to visit and seriously listen to the staff to explain, gave a highly positive for the development and products of Shandong China Coal. Group Deputy General Manager Sun Shijun said, this time to attend the Twentieth INT''L Soft China 2016, not only to broaden our horizons, had more opportunities to exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign key software companies, but also let us further clarify the national integration of the two focus and development direction. In the future, we will further enhance the Group''s industrial software development in the field of high-tech strength. Accelerate the innovation and transformation of our Group in the high tech industry, make more positive contributions to the development of the national informatization and industrialization.