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Welcome The Well-known Intellectual Property Experts to Shandong China Coal for Training


For enhancing the awareness of IPR protection of the staff, and better promoting the Group''s technological innovation, improving market competitiveness,May 18th afternoon,Shandong China Coal invited Huang Xiaodong, the famous domestic intellectual property strategy expert, senior patent agent, senior patent management expert and his team to China Coal Group to give the majority of enterprise employees special training of intellectual property. Group Vice President Li Zhenbo, Fan Peigong and more than 20 representatives from almost all departments attended the training couse.
Mr.Huang said that the 21st century is an era of knowledge economy, technological innovation will become the main battlefield of business competition,all modern science and technology enterprises have to pay attention the problem that how effectively change technological innovation into commercial interests, offer the best protection for the the companies intellectual property rights, how to maximize the commercial interests of intellectual property rights, and how to protect enterprise intellectual property by leveraging legal professionals. As an employee, you should raise awareness of intellectual property protection to better serve the company. The entire course lasts two hours, and content combined the enterprise actual with the case with high pertinence and guidance, all listeners got much koweledges after this trainning.
Then, Mr.Huang and other experts visited the five e-commerce companies of China Coal, cross-border e-commerce company, network&information company, software technology company, Kate intelligent robot company, President Fan gave a detailed introduction of the main achievement China Coal made in e-commerce, software development, high-tech agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent equipment manufacturing, and other industry sectors, and watched the live demonstrations of agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and intelligent robots that independently developed by Kate intelligent robot company of China Coa Group and experienced the latest technology products --9DVR dynamic seat. The visiting experts gave a good appraisal to the achievements of scientific and technological innovation.
President Fan expressed that the training this time enhanced their awareness of IPR protection, improved the management ability of using enterprise intellectual property, enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises, and played a positive role in promoting and guiding the Group to develop scientific and technological innovation.