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The First Cross Border E-commerce Training in Shandong China Coal Group Officially Commenced


Afternoon of May 7th, in order to rapidly promote the development of cross-border E-commerce of Jining city, improve the practical ability of the foreign trade enterprises and cross border e-commerce staff, and help foreign trade enterprises to develop E-commerce international trade better,as the China E-commerce talent training base and Chairman unit of Jining E-Commerce Association, China Coal Group held the first cross border E-commerce training course. Our base specially invited the Cheng Yi, the expert of Ta-partner elite lecturer group to teach the course. This training is open free for society, enterprise, and student in the school, more than 30 people including person responsible for foreign trade enterprises, cross-border E-commerce practitioners and college graduates participated this training.
The theme of this training is alibaba new rules and product ranking optimization. In class, Mr Cheng said, as a new type of trade, cross-border e-commerce has shown the explosive growth and received more and more attention from the whole society in recent years. A large number of Chinese sellers sell the products directly to the global consumer through Alibaba cross-border E-commerce platform, but this trade form requires higher comprehensive quality of sellers, so good command of the rules and skills to enter the cross-border e-commerce platform in advance can achieve a multiplier effect. Subsequently, Mr Cheng carried out a detailed explanation separately from the product release rule, product ranking rules, how to optimize ranking and other aspects for everyone. The whole course lasted 2 hours, which has rich content, strong professional and operational, let everyone benefit a lot.
Shandong China Coal E-commerce training base is the only approved national e-commerce training base in Jining by the China Electronic Commerce Association, to respond positively to the country to promote Internet + concept, the public entrepreneurship and innovation, the call of the business combination upgrading and social high demand for E-commerce personnel, traning base hired well-known lecturer at Tsinghua University, Peking University professor, China E-commerce Association expert, Baidu, Google, Alibaba and other trainees were taught, relying on Coal powerful comprehensive E-commerce China E-Commerce Association and the strength of talent service center nationwide electricity business personnel training, examination by those obtained by the China E-commerce Association awarded the "Chinese e-commerce professionals certificate."
Subsequently, we will continue to invite Alibaba, Ta-partner and other cross-border E-commerce renowned instructors to teach the knowledge about operating platform, market product selection, cross-border logistics, marketing, data analysis, visual artists, customer service, cross-border payments etc, welcome more businesses and college graduates to learn at our base. Our goal is to create the largest E-commerce training base and cultivate more E-commerce elites for society!