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Warmly Welcome Provincial Policy Research Office''''s Leaders to China Coal Group For Investigation


April 26th morning, Wang Miao, the Rural Agency Director of Shandong Provincial Party Policy Research Office coached the research group of 6 persos to visit Shandong China Coal, accompanied by Li Bing, Office of Party and Government Affairs deputy director, Legal Department director of Jining High-tech Zone, to have an investigation of the enterprise e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, rural e-commerce, e-commerce development. The study is the second key research to China Coal after the visit of Wang Xia, the vice director of Provincial Policy Research Office in June last year,all of this clearly showing that provincial leadership paying more attention to the development of our group. Group leaders, like Qu Qing, Group Chairman and General Manager, Han Yong, Executive Deputy General Manager, Li Zhenbo, Deputy General Manager warmly received the visiting group.
The visiting leaderships firstly visited the China Coal Science and Technology Industrial Park, five e-commence companies, cross-border e-commerce company, network information company, software technology company, Weixin agricultural technology company,intelligent robot company. Mr.Li Zhenbo, the Deputy General Manager, delivered about the Group developments on e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, China e-commerce training base. Provincial and Municipal Policy Research Office leaders agreed that the successful experience of China Coal transformed from the traditional industrial and mining enterprises to modern information enterprise made a successful example for the province''s new economic development and spoke highly of the outstanding achievements the Group has made. Director Wang and his party attaches great importance to the development of rural e-commerce and e-commerce training, he stressed that, as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology e-commerce business model, the Chinese e-commerce training base, China Coal should play a leading role well, increase rural e-commerce talents training, and better promote the rapid development of rural e-commerce! Director Wang also further clarified the province''s policies for rural e-commerce talents training, and noted that the next step they will focus on giving China Coal "Chinese e-commerce training base" policy support! Finally, visitors watched the shows of High-tech agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and intelligence robot and gave a high appriasal.
President Qu expressed thanks for the the guidance of provincial, municipal leaders on China Coal. China Coal would positively respond to the national policy, rely on the powerful advantage of China''s e-commerce training base to better do the job of developing rural e-commerce and talents training, provide a solid personnel security for rural e-commerce development, and make more positive contributions to the province''s new economic development!