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China Coal Group Invited to Jining Municipal Entrepreneur,Financial Sector and Other Units Spring Forum


On the afternoon of February 3rd ,Jining municipal entrepreneur,financial sector and other units spring forum was held ceremoniously at Sheng Du International Hotel.The party secretary and director of the standing committee of the municipal people''s congress Ma Pingchang,deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, acting mayor Fu Mingxian and city Political Consultative Conference President Han Jun and other leaders attended the forum which was presided over deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, acting mayor Fu Mingxian.The municipal key entrepreneurs,sector leaders and other units leaders in Jining participated in the forum.Shandong China Coal Group were invited as a municipal key enterprise and our vice general manager Li Zhenbo attended the forum on behalf of the Group.
During the meeting,partly municipal key entrepreneurs,sector leaders and other units leaders in Jining delivered speeches respectively.They focused on outstanding achievements in 2015 and the 2016 development plan and work arrangement.Secondly, they raised the reasonable views and suggestions on our municipal economic work next development,combined with our municipal 2016 planing and 13th plan of five - year national development.
Subsequently, the Secretary Ma made an important speech, he first summed up the city''s economic development in 2015 and made important arrangements instructions on the work in 2016.Secretary Ma said,in the past year, the city''s economy maintained a generally smooth and steady progress situation and the achievements obtained are inseparable with the city''s business community, the financial system and the hard work and support of the economic units.This year of opening China‘s 13th plan of five - year national development,is tackling the year to promote structural reforms, but also the key year to the city''s economic transformation and upgrading.Secretary Ma said Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government will, as always, give entrepreneurs concerned with in politics, work, life, and further optimize the environment of economic development in the city, actively help enterprises solve practical difficulties and problems in the development, cogent accomplish more service without intervention, more help without chaos, so that the enterprises can ease of operation and bold development.
Presided over the meeting, the mayor Fu''s request the key enterprises in the city to promote the science and technology innovation comprehensively, management with innovation, system with innovation, constantly optimize the industrial structure, product structure and development path, promoting enterprises to the industrial chain of high-end forward.He said that the municipal government will continue to support the enterprises, financial systems and economic units in the reform and development, create a more relaxed environment, work together to create a new situation in the transformation and development of the scientific development of Jining.
After the meeting, GM Li said that thanks to the leadership of the municipal party committee and government support China Coal Group on the development for many years, as the key enterprises in the city''s information industry development, China Coal Group will closely follow the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government''s determined on the objectives, tasks and strategic layout,adhere to a foothold in Jining, focus on the global development strategy, and strive to make greater achievements in the new year, to make more contributions to the city''s economic transformation and development!