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Congratulations To The Kate Intelligent Robot Company Under China Coal Group For Adding 2 National Trademark Registration Certificates


Recently, with the official approval of the State Intellectual Property Office, Shandong Kate Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, has obtained two trademark registration certificates of "Kekong" and "Control Shield" issued by the State Intellectual,The registration of the trademark marks the Kate Intelligent Robot Company has taken a solid step on the road of brand development.

Trademark is an important part of intellectual property rights and an intangible asset of an enterprise. It embodies the wisdom and labor of producers and operators, and reflects the operating results of an enterprise.Since its establishment, Kate Intelligent Robots has adhered to the brand development strategy and continuously improved the product quality management system,It has successively developed and produced agricultural plant protection drones, firefighting drones, inspection drones, aerial photography drones, and smoke drones,Measuring drones, industrial intelligent robots, smart home robots, epidemic prevention and killing robots, fire-fighting robots and many other series of high-tech intelligent products.Among them, the company’s self-developed plant protection drone products were successively selected into the list of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangxi, Guangdong, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Qingdao and other provinces and cities, and were rated as Jining Famous Brand Products and won Jining. The first prize in the final of the 7th City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the company's self-developed plant protection drone intelligent manufacturing project was successfully selected as the fourth batch of technological innovation project plans in Shandong Province in 2019, and established a good reputation.

At present, Kate Intelligent Robot Company has obtained the national ISO9001 quality management system certification, the national ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the EU CE certification, the inspection certification of the National Plant Protection Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the national civil unmanned aircraft operation license, and the national civil unmanned Aircraft pilot training organization certificate, Shandong Electronic Information Products Inspection Institute inspection certification, four national patents for plant protection drones, selected as a governing unit of China Service Robot Industry Alliance, a member unit of Shandong UAV Industry Alliance, Shandong Aviation Industry Association Member unit, won the Shandong Province Science and Technology Enterprise, the third batch of cloud service providers in Shandong Province, Shandong Province "Integrity Construction Demonstration Enterprise", Jining City High-tech Enterprise, Jining City "Specialized Special New" Enterprise, Jining City Electronics A number of honorary titles including business recognized enterprises.

The successful registration of the two trademarks of "Kekong" and "Control Shield" is another important milestone in the brand building and business expansion of Kate Intelligent Robot Company. It is of great significance for the company to enhance corporate brand awareness and expand new business markets! In the next step, our company will use this as an opportunity to intensify the research and development of new products in the field of intelligent manufacturing, enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities, accelerate the development of the integration of 5G, AI technology and intelligent equipment, and produce more high-quality, high-tech products. Products, make more contributions to the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry!

Congratulations To The Kate Intelligent Robot Company Under China Coal Group For Adding 2 National Trademark Registration Certificates

Congratulations To The Kate Intelligent Robot Company Under China Coal Group For Adding 2 National Trademark Registration Certificates