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Technical Update Of Scraper Winch


With the rapid development of small and medium-sized mine cars in China, the demand for scraper winches is increasing. According to the statistics of the main production plants, the annual output is nearly 20,000 units. Practice has proved that the scraper winch is an economical, practical, adaptable and reliable stope mining equipment, and its scope of use is still expanding. China has been producing DPJ series scraper winches since 1960. We have accumulated some experience in manufacturing, operation and maintenance. Some improvements have also been made in the scraper winch structure.

Due to the continuous development of mining technology, higher performance and quality requirements for scraper mining equipment are also put forward. In recent years, we have conducted on-site investigations on dozens of users with different mining methods and different application conditions, and have mastered the application status and existing problems of scraper winches in various types of mines. The different requirements of the harrow bucket provide a reliable basis for product design improvement and upgrading. At present, the DPJ series scraper winches produced by various domestic factories are based on the improved design of the former Soviet Union electric rake, which has a history of more than 30 years. Despite several improvements, the basic structure is still a Soviet-like model. Compared with the industrially developed regions such as the United States, Britain, and France, there are still considerable gaps in technical performance and product quality, such as relatively laborious operation and difficulty in overhauling individual transmission parts. Therefore, we are producing scraper winches at home and abroad On the basis of the investigation of usage, the performance and structure were compared and analyzed, and the DPJ series scraper winches were updated.

Technical Update Of Scraper Winch

Renewal of Scraper Winch

1. The planetary gear transmission structure is improved, and the angular displacement scheme is selected. When the volume of the winch is unchanged, the bearing capacity of the transmission gear is improved. Extend the life of the gear.

2. The laborious operation is a difficult problem. During the entire process of raking the mine, the operator must always press the control handle hard, and the labor intensity is quite large. We refer to the Canadian structure and change the continuous after burning to instantaneous after burning. During most of the time in the scraper mine, the operator only needs to hold the handle without pressing hard, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. 3. Scraper winches are mainly used in underground mining pits or mine roadways, because of the narrow use site, it is difficult to maintain. According to the general reflection and maintenance experience of domestic users, and absorbing the structural characteristics of foreign countries, the structure has been improved to make it easier to maintain and repair. Take the motor gear as an example, the gear is directly fixed on the motor shaft, and the speed is up to l 460r / n, which wears faster. Despite the use of 20CrMnTi steel, after quenching carbon quenching treatment, the hardness of the tooth surface reaches HRC56 ~ 62. The service life is only about one year. The original structure of the gear is hot-mounted on the motor shaft, which is very inconvenient to disassemble when replacing. Now the structure has been improved, no hot-packing is needed, and replacement and maintenance are very convenient.

3. The structure of the scraper bucket is improved, the filling factor of the rake bucket is improved, and the efficiency of the scraper mine is improved. The material of the harrow teeth has also been improved. In order to make the harrow teeth wear-resistant and prolong the service life, high manganese steel (ZGMnl3) with good wear resistance was originally selected, but many users reflect that this steel is not suitable for the harrow teeth. When connected or riveted to the rake bucket body, when the underground rake is mined, sometimes the connecting bolt or rivet is broken due to the poor lighting of the roadway (farm). The rake teeth fall off, and workers are not easy to find. Some mines had rake teeth that were transported to the concentrator with the ore. Because this high-manganese steel is not magnetic, the electromagnet at the population of the concentrator cannot suck it out of the ore. The rake teeth enter the crusher with the ore. The mechanical accident of the crusher affects the continuous production of the entire dressing plant. Therefore, magnetic wear-resistant steel should be used for the rake teeth.

4. Increase the types of matching rake buckets, which is convenient for mine selection. The original matching rake buckets are only fixed and folding. In order to meet the needs of different mining conditions, a double-sided rake bucket suitable for open pits has been added. The problem of turning over; also added a light welding rake bucket suitable for raking light objects, etc.

5. When the scraper winch is used in the underground roadway, it is mostly fixed with non-column support. In order to facilitate installation, the lower structure of the winch has also been correspondingly improved, so that the installation and support is convenient. After the DPJ series scraper winch is updated, it is changed to the JP series and the price is unchanged. The production volume of the scraper winch is large. Widely used. Improvement of its structure and optimization of performance. It will undoubtedly improve the mining efficiency of the mine quarry, reduce the mining cost, increase the economic benefit, and also improve the competitiveness of our scraper winches in the market.