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Warm Congratulations To Carter Robotics Co., Ltd. For Obtaining The "Civil UAV Driver Training Organization Certificate”


Recently, Shandong Carter robot Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, is officially approved as "Civil UAV Driver Training Organization Certificate" by China aircraft owners and Pilots Association of CAAC, marking that Carter robot company has officially become a civil UAV pilot training organization authorized by AOPA-China, and has passed the UAV pilot training and examination Nuclear, and the issuance of relevant certificates of qualification, the overall promotion of the company's UAV field visibility and influence is of great significance!

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China, or AOPA-China for short, is the only legal representative of China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in the International Association of aircraft owners and pilots (IAOPA). It is a national and industrial social group voluntarily formed with the national aircraft owners and pilots as the main body. It is a non-profit social organization and recognized by a wide range of UAV industries in China.

In recent years, with the rapid development of civil UAV market, the market is in short supply for professional certified pilots. In order to better cultivate high-level UAV application talents and serve the local economic development, Shandong Carter intelligent robot Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, first obtained the "Business License For Civil Unmanned Aircraft" issued by the East China regional administration of civil aviation License, the UAV flight airspace approved by the staff of Jinan air force base, has joined the UAV monitoring system of "YouYun" and "TuoGongYun", invested in the construction of UAV training room, simulation flight room, off-site training base, UAV application technology research and development center, etc., actively committed to the cultivation of professional talents in the field of UAV application, and played a role in the development of China's UAV industry It has a positive role in promoting.

The "Civil UAV Driver Training Organization Certificate" obtained this time is another breakthrough of Carter robot company in the field of civil UAV driver training. Relying on the enterprise's high skilled personnel training platform, the company will invite domestic high-end UAV teachers to actively carry out professional training for civil UAV drivers. The trainees who have passed the training and passed the examination can obtain the medium level UAV driver training "Civil UAV Driver Electronic License" issued by CAAC and "Pilot Certificate of Civil Unmanned Aircraft System" issued by China AOPA. Next, Carter robot company will actively explore new technologies and concepts in the field of UAV application, and strive to cultivate more professional and technical talents in the field of UAV for the country!