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Congratulations To Weixin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd For Obtaining A Civil Unmanned Aircraft Operating License


In order to regulate the unmanned aircraft engaged in operational flight activities and promote the safe, orderly and healthy development of the unmanned aircraft industry, the Civil Aviation Administration of China released the "Administrative Measures for the Operational Operation of Civil Unmanned Aircraft in June 2018 (Interim)", within the framework of the "Civil Aviation Law", regulate the access and regulatory requirements for unmanned aircraft engaged in operational general aviation flight activities.

In order to actively respond to the call of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Shandong Weixin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, actively submitted relevant materials. After rigorous review by relevant departments, the company successfully passed the review and officially obtained the "Civil Aviation No. "Manned Pilot Aircraft Business License" permits our company's unmanned aircraft business activities and allows us to engage in five types of business projects, such as "aerial spraying (spraying), aerial photography, aerial photography, pilot training, and performance flight", which are valid for a long time .

In recent years, in order to accelerate the development of smart agriculture, China Coal Group invested in the establishment of Shandong Weixin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., continuously increasing investment in technical research, and has successively developed agricultural plant protection drones, inspection drones, aerial drones, Smoke drone, measurement drone and many other drone products, and invested in the construction of drone training room, simulated flight room, off-site training base, drone application technology research and development center, etc. The development of human-machine equipment has played a positive role in promoting.

The acquisition of the "Civil Unmanned Aircraft Business License" this time signifies that Weixin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has the qualifications to engage in unmanned aerial vehicle business activities, enhance the overall competitiveness of the company's drone products, and accelerate the expansion of global product sales The market is important!Next, our company will strictly abide by the provisions of the "Civil Aviation Law", consciously accept the supervision of the Civil Aviation Administration, regulate the company's unmanned aircraft various business activities, and contribute to the safe, orderly and healthy development of my country's unmanned aircraft industry!