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The Small Crane Installation Method


Small cranes are also a common lifting appliance in our lives. Small cranes can be used in homes, construction sites, etc. However, the installation method of small cranes may be unclear to you. Steps to introduce the installation method of small crane, hope to help you!



Step 1


First of all, we must select the location of the small crane installation and operation. A 300x120x30 hard ground is fixed on the top hat of the pole. If the ground of the installation is smooth, a power box pad is required to install the small crane.


Step 2


Place the power box near a window or balcony (if the ground is smooth, place a flexible cushion on the bottom of the power box).


Step 3


Assemble the bracket part


Place the washer of the jack nut on the jack nut;


The power rod is inserted into the screw;


Put the bearing on the pole clamp;


Install the rotating arm on the pole bearing;


Install the top hat with wooden board on the top of the pole.


Step 4


Insert the assembled bracket part into the base hole of the power box.


Step 5


Add proper amount of lubricating oil to the screw thread, and then tighten the jack nut. (Note: The main pole of the stand must be perpendicular to the ground)


Step 6


Adjust the height of the rotating arm of the small crane to make it in a proper position, and then adjust the length of the wire rope of the pulling arm to suit the object being hung.


Step 7


Use the clutch handle to pull the clutch out of the state, remove the wire rope from the power box, loosen the screw rope lock on the two pulleys, pass the wire rope through the two pulleys on the bracket, and then lock the wire rope lock.


Eighth step


Take out the power cord, the button starter and the travel switch, and install the travel switch in the arm-end fixing box.


Step 9


Power on the no-load test machine and check whether the start switch is flexible and the limiter and stroke switch are reliable.


The above nine steps are the steps of the installation method of the small crane. I hope it can help the technicians who have just entered the industry. The installation method of the small crane is here.