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How To Choose 2JP-15 Scraper Winch


Scraper winches have been subdivided into many types. Everyone will be dazzled when buying, but it does not matter, now the editor will give you how to buy 2JP-15 scraper winches correctly:

Some customers asked Shandong China Coal Group editor what is the difference between the mine scraper winch and the 2JP-15 mine scraper winch when buying? The editor here explains to you the meaning of 2JP-15  mine scraper winch, and can also provide a reference for customers when purchasing. 2JP15 scraper winch model meaning: 2 represents the number of drums, J represents the winch type, P represents the scraper winch, B represents isolation, non-isolated explosion is not marked, 15 represents motor power; KWL represents remote operation, manual operation is not marked . From this, the difference between 2JP-15 scraper winch and rake winch is that the model parameters are different. Therefore, you must pay attention to the model you need when buying, so as not to choose the wrong time.

How To Choose 2JP-15 Scraper Winch?

No matter how good the product is, it will aggravate the wear if you do not pay attention to cleaning. Therefore, you must do a good job of cleaning after using the 2JP-15 scraper winch, and add proper maintenance liquid. Give full play to its value.

When choosing a 2JP-15 scraper winch product, be sure to shop around and make a final conclusion. If you don’t know enough about the product, you must find a friend who is familiar with the product to help you buy it, so you can avoid some parallel imports. So everyone must be patient and careful when buying products. Only in this way can you buy your ideal 2JP-15 scraper winch. Through the explanation of the editor, do you know how to start a 2JP-15 scraper winch?