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China Coal Group Software Products Selected For Resumed Production

In order to give play to the important supporting role of industrial Internet and cloud services in epidemic prevention and control, and help enterprises resume work and resume production, the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology commissioned the Shandong Enterprise Shanghai Cloud Service Alliance to coordinate collaborative office work, video conferencing, epidemic prevention management, Relevant functional products or solutions such as industrial interconnection were collected and strictly selected. The "Industrial Internet Epidemic Prevention and Control System" independently developed by China Coal Group was selected as a reference list for industrial Internet and cloud service providers in Shandong Province to help enterprises resume work and resume production.

Facing the severe epidemic situation and the urgent need for enterprises to resume work and production, as an industrial Internet enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, China Coal Group has developed an industrial Internet epidemic prevention and control system. This system can realize the functions of rapid collection of personnel information, monitoring of employees 'health status, tracking of employees' travel nodes, automatic generation of statistical analysis reports, etc. The company and related regulatory departments can check the number of employees on the job, their temperature status and current location at any time from the background. The earth integrates information resources, reduces the concentration of personnel, improves work efficiency, provides convenient and efficient guarantees for screening of outbreaks and tracking of contact groups, reduces the risk of infection caused by secondary contact of personnel, 2. Stable prevention and control of the epidemic has provided strong support and helped enterprises to resume work and orderly production.

At present, the industrial Internet platform has become a driving force for the innovation and development of enterprises. As a key enterprise in the industrial Internet sector of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shandong Province, China Coal Group has played an active role in this fight against epidemic prevention and control. He set an example and made due contributions to reducing the adverse impact of the epidemic, helping enterprises resume work and production, and ensuring the smooth operation of the city's economy!

The "Industrial Internet Epidemic Prevention and Control System" software product was selected into the Shandong Internet and Cloud Service Providers to help enterprises resume work and resume production. It is important for our group to play an important role in epidemic prevention and control through industrial Internet, 5G, and big data The highly affirmed role is also a full recognition of our group's software product technology research and development capabilities. In the next step, our group will continue to intensify software product innovation, deepen software product quality management, give full play to the technological and product advantages of industrial Internet companies, and make efforts to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control and help enterprises to resume work in an orderly and safe manner. More positive contributions!