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Warmly Congratulate The UAV Products Of Kate Robot Company Of China Coal Group On Being Selected Into The Recommended Reference Catalogue Of Jining Epidemic Prevention And Control Solution

In order to give full play to the important supporting role of next-generation information technology and intelligent manufacturing in epidemic prevention and control, and work together to resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, recently, Jining Industry and Information Technology Bureau announced software that can be used for epidemic prevention and control. Products and solutions. The two drone products independently developed by China Coal Group's Shandong Kate Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., “Plant Protection Drones / Smoke Drones, Inspection Drones”, were successfully selected into “Jining Outbreak Prevention and Control Software Products and Solutions Recommended reference directory.

The smoke type plant protection UAV independently developed and produced by our company is different from the common agricultural helicopter in the market. The simple multi rotor aircraft adopts modular design, which is extremely convenient for use and maintenance, incomparable in stability, and has good waterproof, fall proof and fault proof effect. The UAV has the characteristics of one key take-off, independent operation, high efficiency, drug saving and environmental protection. It can carry disinfectant solution in the air for spraying, with sufficient atomization, strong spraying adhesion, uniform and fine spraying solution, 30-40 times of the efficiency of artificial, which can greatly reduce personal injury. During the epidemic, the disinfecting team of our company provides disinfecting services in many communities and communities in the city.

The patrol UAV independently developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of flexible operation and various loads. It is mainly used in traffic command, fire fighting, emergency rescue and other scenes. It can obtain the current situation through high-definition camera, use tweeter for remote command, and throw fire-fighting bombs, food, medicine and other materials through the throwing device.

Since its establishment, Kate robot company has continuously increased investment in high-tech scientific research. Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, it has successively developed and produced agricultural plant protection UAV, fire-fighting UAV, patrol UAV, aerial photography UAV, smoke UAV, measurement UAV, industrial intelligent robot, intelligent home robot, entertainment robot, fire-fighting robot and other series of high-tech technologies Technology intelligent products. Among them, the company's self-developed plant protection UAV products were rated as Jining famous brand products, and won the first prize in the final of the seventh innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Jining in 2019. The company's self-developed plant protection UAV intelligent manufacturing project was successfully shortlisted in the fourth batch of technological innovation project plans of Shandong Province in 2019, and successively selected into Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangxi, Guangdong, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia The list of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in ancient seven provinces and cities, and the work of disinfecting drones in communities and communities during the epidemic in multiple outlets in seven provinces, has established a good reputation and reputation in the society.

At present, Kate robot company has obtained national civil UAV operation license, civil UAV pilot vocational education and training center certificate, UAV flight airspace approval letter of Jinan base staff of air force, national ISO9001 quality management system certification, European Union CE certification, national plant protection machinery quality supervision and inspection center inspection certification, Shandong electronic information industry The product inspection institute has passed the inspection and certification, the national utility model patent of plant protection UAV, the national utility model patent of plant protection UAV portable spray bar, and has been selected as the director unit of China service robot industry alliance, the member unit of Shandong UAV industry alliance, and the member unit of Shandong Aviation Industry Association. It has been awarded the third batch of cloud service providers in shangyun, Shandong Province, and Shandong Province Many honorary titles, such as the provincial "Integrity Construction Demonstration Enterprise", Jining High-tech enterprise, Jining "Specialized, Special and New" enterprise, and Jining e-commerce certification enterprise, have made positive contributions to the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry!

This time, our company's "Smoke Type Plant Protection UAV" and "Patrol UAV" products were selected into the recommended reference catalogue of Jining epidemic prevention and control software products and solutions, which highly affirmed our company's use of high-tech UAVs for epidemic prevention and control. Next, our group will continue to increase investment in research and development of intelligent UAV technology, improve the conversion rate of UAV products in the field of epidemic prevention and control, and strive to make more contributions to national epidemic prevention and control!