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Warm Congratulations On The Election Of China Coal Group As The Second Director Of Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association


On the afternoon of January 10, the second general meeting and general election of the Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association was held at the 24K International Chain Hotel in Jining. Jiao Jundao, Vice Chairman of the City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jiang Guangqin, President of the Arbitration Institute for Labor and Personnel Disputes Attend the conference and speak. China Coal Group was invited to participate as the first member of the Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association. Fan Peigong, Executive Deputy General Manager of the Group, and Feng Yuyang, Minister of Human Resources, attended the meeting on behalf of the Group.

At the meeting, the first chairman Li Baomin made the first work report of the association, and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors made the first financial income and expenditure report. The meeting voted through the agenda of the conference, adopted the first report of the chairman's work, and approved the financial report of the first chairman of the board of supervisors, and elected the members of the second council of the Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association. China Coal Group was re-elected as the second member of the Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association, and Fan Peigong, the group's Executive Deputy General Manager, was elected as a member of the Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association.

Over the years, under the correct leadership of the Jining Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, China Coal Group adheres to the corporate spirit of “responsibility to the country, society, customers and employees” and has always attached great importance to the protection of employees' rights and interests. Social security, safety in production, employee health, etc. have actively implemented relevant laws and regulations, and the group labor union has also given full play to the role of bridge and tie, taking the protection of employee rights and interests as the starting point and end point of work, and actively promoting and supervising the implementation of various protections for employee rights and interests. The group was named the best employer in Shandong Province.

Mr. Fan said that he was honored to be re-elected as the second member of the Jining Labor Dispute Mediation Association and thanked the leaders for their full recognition of China Coal Group. In the new year, China Coal Group will perform its duties together with the majority of member units, put the rights and interests of employees first, grasp the ideological trends of employees in a timely manner, guide employees to reasonably express interest claims, and timely resolve instability factors, effectively create enterprise development and employees. Benefit from the good situation, make more contributions to the city's construction of harmonious labor relations and a harmonious society!