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Warm Congratulations To China Coal Group'S Mining Single Hydraulic Props Are Rated As Jining Famous Brand Products Of 2019

In order to promote the implementation of the brand strategy, increase brand cultivation, implement brand-leading projects, further improve the city's product quality, enhance market competitiveness, and promote the high-quality development of Jining's economy and society, the Jining Brand Construction Promotion Association and relevant professional committees organized 2019 The annual Jining brand-name product certification work is based on the principles of science, openness, fairness, and fairness, and has been rigorously reviewed by experts at the Jining Brand-name Product Certification Committee, and recently released the Jining Brand-name Products List for 2019. The “ZHONGMEI” mining single hydraulic prop product independently researched and developed by China Coal Group was successfully selected, and was named as Jining Famous Brand in 2019.

Brand effect is the most valuable asset of an enterprise and its core competitiveness. Over the years, China Coal Group has attached great importance to the construction of global independent brands. It has registered the "China Coal" trademark in 37 countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States, and Russia, and has obtained 28 EU member states and the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Macau, and Singapore The right to use China Coal's trademark has launched the China Coal brand in the international market.

"ZHONGMEI" mining single hydraulic prop is the latest generation of new equipment developed by our group. The product has been innovatively improved to overcome the defects and problems of DZ (piston) single hydraulic prop. It has large working resistance and light weight. , Long service life, large working stroke, low use cost, convenient operation, wide range of use and good stability, etc. Since the product was put on the market, it has been well received by customers at home and abroad, and market sales have been rising steadily. At present, the 49 types of hydraulic pillar products produced by our group have obtained the national mining product safety mark certificate, and the products are very guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.

After many years of brand cultivation, China Coal Group was successively named as an industrial brand cultivation pilot enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a well-known trademark enterprise in Shandong Province, a key “10 hundred” brand cultivation enterprise in Jining City, and a standing director unit of Jining Brand Construction Promotion Association In terms of brand building, it is at the forefront of the city and even the province. This time, our group's mining single hydraulic prop products were rated as Jining famous brand products, which fully affirmed our group's corporate brand building and product quality and safety. In the next step, our group will take this as an opportunity to make greater efforts to implement brand driving Strategy, give play to the leading role of brands in accelerating the transformation of corporate kinetic energy, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises through brand strategic economy, promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and better contribute to the brand economy development of the city and even the province!

Warm Congratulations To China Coal Group'S Mining Single Hydraulic Props Are Rated As Jining Famous Brand Products Of 2019