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China Coal Group Invited Legal Counsel Group To Hold Special Training On Legal Knowledge

In order to further enhance the legal awareness and legal concept of cadres and staff, earnestly improve the ability and level of administering enterprises according to law, and effectively prevent business risks, in the afternoon of December 14, China Coal Group invited a legal advisory group-Shandong Deheng (Jining) Lawyer Affairs Senior legal experts Zhang Xiaolin, Zhang Le, Cheng Zhaoli, Gong Ruifang and other delegations came to the group for special training in legal knowledge. Group General Manager Han Yong, Executive Deputy General Managers Li Zhenbo and Fan Peigong, Deputy Secretary Of The Party Committee Guan Chenghui, and various companies and functional departments at the middle level or above More than 60 leaders and business elites participated in the training.
During the training course, the four legal experts gave a lively and detailed explanation from the aspects of corporate legal knowledge, corporate legal construction, prevention of legal risks in contract signing, and the importance of standardizing the contract, and combined with daily work. Frequent real cases have been deeply analyzed and elaborated, emphasizing the links and risk control points that business and procurement personnel need to pay attention to in actual operation, so that everyone can better understand the legal risk identification, prevention and control methods. During the class, the four teachers also interacted with the on-site trainers in the form of Q & A, and answered specific questions raised by everyone on-site. This training course is in line with the actual operation of the group, easy to understand, and practical, and the participants have expressed great benefits.
Over the years, China Coal Group has always adhered to "administering enterprises according to law", constantly improving the construction of corporate rule of law, comprehensively implementing law promotion and actively building harmonious labor relations. The Group has a Legal Department, which organizes employees to participate in a variety of legal education activities every month. Each year, 3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Day and 12.4 National Legal Publicity Day, the group will invite legal experts to hold legal knowledge training seminars for the majority of employees. Strengthen the law popularization of all employees, and improve the awareness and ability of the rule of law among employees. At the same time, our group also cooperates with law firms and specially hires legal consultants to continuously improve the company's ability to govern enterprises according to law, effectively avoid and prevent the occurrence of commercial risks, and promote the high-quality development of the group!