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How To Quickly Start The Wet Shotcate Machine


In order to make the wet shotcate machine start successfully at one time, it is the key to doing the basic work before starting. What basic work needs to be done? The technical personnel summarize the following questions:

1. Check if the power of the wet shotcate is normal.

2. Check the motor and gear oil pump and make a few turns.

3. Open the pressure gauge switch and release the pressure relief handwheel of the relief valve.

4. Put the suction pipe of the wet shotcate machine into clean water for testing machine.

5. Check that the steering direction of the motor and gear oil pump is correct.

6. Check if the hydraulic reversing valve block can control the reciprocating motion of the cylinder.

7. Start the motor, adjust the system pressure to 1~2Mpa, test run for about 5 minutes (the mixer grout valve is fully open). If the operation is normal, close the valve on the mixer and adjust the oil pressure to the required .The maximum pressure, then stop the wet spray machine, the entire basic work is completed.

It is seemingly troublesome to do the basic work before the wet shotcate machine starts. It is of great significance to the normal start. I hope everyone will pay great attention to it.