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Congratulations To China Coal Group For Obtaining Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operating License


In order to standardize the unmanned aircraft engaged in operational flight activities and promote the safe, orderly and healthy development of the unmanned aircraft industry, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the Administrative Measures for the Operational Flight Activities of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in June 2018 ( Temporary), under the framework of the Civil Aviation Law, regulates the access and regulatory requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles engaged in operational general aviation flight activities.

In response to the call of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, China Coal Group actively submitted relevant information. After strict review by relevant departments, our group successfully passed the audit and officially obtained the “Civil Unmanned Aircraft Operation License” issued by the China Civil Aviation Administration of East China. Permitted to the operation of our group of unmanned aerial vehicles, allowing five types of business projects: "air spray (sprinkling), aerial photography, aerial photography, driver training, performance flight", and long-term effective.

In recent years, in order to speed up the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing, China Coal Group has invested in the establishment of Shandong Carter Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., continuously increasing the investment in scientific research of drones, through the introduction of advanced foreign technology,it has developed a variety of drone products such as agricultural plant protection drones, fire drones, inspection drones, aerial drones, smoke drones, and measuring drones.And invested in the construction of the UAV training room, simulation flight room, off-site training base, and UAV application technology research and development center. This time, our group won the "Civil Unmanned Aircraft Operation License".It marks the recognition of the quality and safety of our group of drone products.It is of great significance to enhance the core competitiveness of the company's drone products and accelerate the expansion of the global product sales market!

Under the background of the "Industry 4.0" era characterized by Internet + and intelligent manufacturing, civilian drones have become a new and competitive industry in the world. In the next step, our group will actively respond to the call of the country, make persistent efforts, develop and innovate, increase the research and development of new products for drones, produce more high-quality, high-tech products, and actively build the leading brand in the domestic drone industry!

Congratulations To China Coal Group For Obtaining Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operating License