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Congratulations To General Manager Of Shandong Cate Intelligent Robot Company Wang Hui Passing China AOPA Training Assessment

Recently, Wang Hui, general manager of Shandong Carter Intelligent Robotics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, participated in the training course of China AOPA Civil Drone Pilot Training Organization organized by the Aircraft Management Office of China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and successfully completed the training. It is of great significance to obtain the certificate of completion for the next step of the company's civil drone business.

China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, referred to as AOPA-China, is the sole legal representative of China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) in the International Association of Aircraft Owners and Pilots (IAOPA), is the national aircraft owner, A nationwide, industry-based non-profit social organization formed by the volunteers.
Since the establishment of Shandong Carter Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., it has continuously increased the investment in scientific research of drones. Through the introduction of advanced foreign technology, it has developed agricultural plant protection drones, fire drones, inspection drones, aerial drones, and smoke. A variety of UAV products, such as drones, the company has been selected as a member of the China Service Robot Industry Alliance, a member of the Shandong UAV Industry Alliance, a scientific and technological enterprise in Shandong Province, and a “specialized and special” enterprise in Jining City. The development of China's drone industry has played a positive role in promoting.

Mr. Wang said that by participating in this training and learning, not only the UAV driving skills have been improved, but also the foundation for our company to carry out civil UAV driver training in the next step. Next, our company will increase investment in UAV research and development, strengthen innovation and breakthrough in key technology fields of UAV, and produce and develop more high-quality and high-tech UAV products. Warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company for investigation, procurement and win-win cooperation!