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Congratulations To Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd., A Subsidiary Of China Coal Group As A “Specialized and New ” Enterprise In Shandong Province

According to the "Notice On The Organization's Recommendation For The Tenth Batch Of Provincial-level Specialized And Special Small And Medium-sized Enterprises”, the third-party organizations organize experts to strictly review and publicize the procedures, and recently, the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. Officially announced the tenth batch of SMEs in Shandong Province. Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, is award the tenth batch of “Specialized And Special” enterprises in Shandong Province by virtue of its outstanding achievements in technological innovation and development of enterprises in Shandong Province.
As the first batch of cloud application service providers in Shandong Province and the second batch of warehousing technology enterprises in Shandong Province in 2019, Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. continuously strengthens independent technology research and development and innovation research and development, and actively seeks benefits from science and technology and results from research and development. In the field of Internet software application, we have made active explorations and successfully passed the "Double Soft Certification" of the enterprise, which proves the overall strength of our company in the field of software product development and technological innovation.

Among them, the company independent development of operation Yiikuang Cloud Platform, using cloud computing ability, strengthen enterprise business development in the field of big data, not only can accurately locate the global distribution of customers and the market demand, but also for the group, the government, society and the global industry to provide comprehensive services, is in shandong province and even the national industrial enterprises use of big data and cloud computing booster of old and new kinetic energy conversion of the development of the model and benchmarking. Yiikuang Cloud Platform has been selected into the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology e-commerce integrated innovation pilot project, the national new information consumption demonstration project, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2019 manufacturing “Double Innovation” platform pilot demonstration project, won the China Two-in-one Integration Innovation Practice Award, Shandong Province Enterprise Cloud Excellent industry cloud platform, Shandong key e-commerce platform, Shandong provincial industrial Internet platform and many other honors, made a positive contribution to promote the industrial transformation of the national coal mining machinery industry!

The success of Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., LTD. In the tenth batch of shandong province "Specialized And Specia" enterprises, is the full recognition of the company's achievements in the field of science and technology innovation, marking shenhua technology company in software development, technology innovation and enterprise standardized management and other aspects of a new step. Next, our company will take this opportunity to continuously improve the strength of r&d and innovation and the quality of products, and strive to lead the province's small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of "Specialized And Specia" to make more contributions to the province's science and technology innovation and development!

Congratulations To Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd., A Subsidiary Of China Coal Group As A “Specialized and New ” Enterprise In Shandong Province